Welcome to Saraswati Paradise International Public School

  • Fun & Play Room

    To catch the attention and attraction of tiny tots, nothing is more satisfying than the activities inside the play room which offers them freedom, a sense of accomplishment and alluring past time. The room is specially prepared and decorated keeping in view the interests of Junior kids. It is equipped with toys, fun games, swings & projectors to provide them education through play-way.

  • Library

    A well- stocked library having more than 4000 books covering a variety of subjects including KG section is available. The newspapers and educational magazines are also available to answer the quest of students and teachers.

  • Staff

    School is nothing but it is the lengthened shadow of its teaching fraternity. The school key aim of reaching high standards, providing an education which develops the whole person and being a happy school is realized through the commitment and hard work of staff members

  • School ICT

    The whole school site is linked by a modern, high-speed network that gives access to a wide range of generic and subject - specified software. As far as possible we ensure that the hardware is kept up to date and is capable of supporting the increasing demand of the digital curriculum. The ICT department is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm each day

  • Hi-Tech Smart School

    Smart class concept SPIPS has made a digital initiative to bring the students out of dull and many a time boring chalk and board class room atmosphere that forces the students to mug up & vomit out certain dry facts. It is an effort to let them experience the multi-sensory learning environment that would make the most difficult concepts coming very easily to them

  • Conveyance Facility

    As the school is located very near to the national highway so it is easily accessible. The school provides the conveyance facility through its own brand new buses/vans on reasonable rates.